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We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life.


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We’re working toward a future where all Texans have access to the resources, support, and opportunities that make healthy lives possible.

And with your help, we are reaching more Texans every day.

Tranforming Lives & Communities

Across Texas

  • “What matters is how you rise up and respond to the circumstance.”

    Brittany’s Story

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  • “The hardest part is getting started.”

    Tenika’s Story

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  • “Have grace for yourself. Take it one step at a time. And keep moving forward.”

    Trevonna’s Story

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We believe in Texans.

Their courage.
Their strength.
Their determination.

And wherever Texans are working hard to establish a foundation of health – for themselves, their families, or their communities – we’re determined to walk that path with them.

Because sometimes our greatest strength is knowing that we’re not alone.

Tranforming Lives & Communities

Across Texas

McAllen, TX


Diagnosed with scoliosis in early childhood, Lee has battled back pain all his life. Coupled with weight gain and an injury a few years back, it was getting harder for him to move around. Lee’s lost several close friends due to heart problems – a fact that’s never far from his mind. So, when his doctor felt the need to up his blood pressure medication, he decided it was time to make a plan.

Through our free health coaching program, Lee met Jackie, who’s helping him stick to his goals. During their first conversation, Lee talked about his new grandbaby and how he wants to be around to watch her grow. On the days when progress seems hard to come by, Jackie reminds him of why it’s important to keep going.

Today, Lee is 20 pounds lighter and feeling more energetic than he has in years. The pain medication he used to take for chronic back pain—he hasn’t needed it in months. With plans to retire from teaching soon, Lee is hopeful about the future. He imagines lots of time with his grandbaby, showing her the things he loves to do.

Austin, TX


Just over a year ago, we launched Stronger Austin with a goal of improving access to health and wellness services in Austin’s most underserved neighborhoods. Working with local partners like schools and community clinics, the program focuses on providing free exercise and nutrition classes, healthy food options, basic healthcare, and afterschool activities in areas without a lot of resources nearby.

For women like Sam, Stronger Austin has been a game-changer. As she puts it, “this program allows people in the community that can’t get to a gym because of transportation or financial means an opportunity to come out and do something for themselves.”

Where rec centers and parks used to sit empty, now there are neighbors working out together and kids playing soccer after school. Our goal is to bring programs like Stronger Austin to other areas across Texas. Because when people are empowered to choose health, entire communities can change.

Sam, Stronger Austin
Los Fresnos, TX


A couple of years ago, Bertha had just welcomed home her third child. Like a lot of moms, she felt exhausted. She wasn’t exercising or eating well, and it was impacting the energy she had for her kids. If she wanted to be able to keep up with them, she knew she needed to change. She signed up for our Community Challenge and found a caring network of people committed to helping her stay the course.

Fast forward to today, and Bertha is leading the charge in her community of Los Fresnos, getting people excited for the Challenge each January and telling them about the free health coaching offered through our hotline.

She teaches a Zumba class on the weekends and her two-year-old daughter dances alongside her. She says it makes her feel like the best mom in the world.

Bertha, Living Healthier

Health Impacts

The energy we have for our kids.
The hope we have for the future.
And when we commit to making health a priority, we can profoundly change the places we call home.

Every day, we see what’s possible when people are empowered to be their best for each other.
That’s what you give when you give health.

5 Incredible Things

You Make Possible


Offering free, one-on-one support to any Texan ready to make a healthy change

Training & Workshops

Empowering educators, nurses, community health workers and others working to improve the health of their communities


Supporting community-led solutions that promote health equity and increase access to the conditions that make healthy lives possible

Statewide Challenges & Events

Impacting the lives of 50,000+ Texans annually through events that encourage healthier choices and community building

School-based Programs

Providing educators with the tools to be healthy role models to 200,000+ students and their families every year
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